The KRAFT-index

May 24, 2016

The KRAFT-index

Ferenc Miszlivetz & Eszter Márkus

“The Creative City – Sustainable Region Index (The KRAFT Index) is an innovative regional development concept. It is rooted in the conviction that the key to successful development initiatives and projects is the effective cooperation between the socio-economic stakeholders of the relevant region. The KRAFT Index proposes an integrated framework for evaluation and interpretation which makes possible the consideration of individual (company, city, university etc.) and community interests, and provides a complex and in-depth understanding of long and medium term development objectives. This integrative approach is of vital importance for success and the simultaneous creation of socioeconomic and ecological sustainability. A“win-win” game is impossible without knowledge of the increasing and changing needs, demands and expectations of users, as well as knowledge of the latest technical, institutional and social innovations.”

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